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Annual Report DCA-VET 2016
14 June 2017



Dr. Sher Mohammad Obituary
خبر ناگوار: شهادت داکتر شیر محمد توتاخیل
غمیز خبر: د ډاکټر صاحب شیر محمد طوطاخیل شهادت
24 May 2017



Success Story PPR
بریالیتوب کیسی PPR
PPR داستان موفقیت
17 May 2017



DAIL appreciation letter for DCA – Brooke
9 May 2017



Quality food granted animal health and their production
سالمه خوراکه، سالمه څاروی، سالمه محصولات د سالم صحت ضمانت کولی شی
غذای باکیفیت ضامن صحت و تولید حیوانات میباشد
28 April 2017



Improved family livelihood through better lamb fattening methods
بهبود وضعیت اقتصادی خانواده از طریق چاق سازی بره ها
د مالداری د وضعیت د ښه والی له لاری څخه د اوریو چاغولو

28 April 2017

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DCA in short

140418 logo DCA 2014DCA Livestock Programs is an NGO that is helping the people of Afghanistan to improve their lives by enhancing the health and productivity of their livestock. In Afghanistan, livestock is the engine of the rural economy. About 73% of the Afghan people are living in rural areas, being dependent on livestock and subsistence farming. Improvements therefore in animal health and production directly impact individual quality of life as well as the national economy.
DCA reaches annually more than one million beneficiaries.

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