Published 2012

December 2012         Filming without Camera
December 2012         Two new projects for DCA
October 2012              World Development Information Day
October 2012            Free Veterinary Services
October 2012            DCA VET livestock extension
October 2012            AgFair Herat
August 2012             CCHF outbreak in Herat
August 2012             Uruzgan Appreciation Letter
July 2012                  New World Bank training project for DCA-VET
July 2012                  Annual Report 2011
July 2012                  FMD Conference Thailand, June 2012
June 2012                 Women Veterinary Workers Graduated in Bamyan
May 2012                  Capacity building of DCA trainers
April 2012                 The Brooke / DCA-VET Partnership 2012 2013
April 2012                 Baghlan Dairy Company registered at AISA
March 2012               DCA Staff celebrated March 8 colourfully
February 2012          Foundation of Regional Artificial Insemination Distribution Centers
February 2012          Four DCA-trainers to Holland for Training of Trainers programme
January 2012            DCA participates in successful ICARDA goat project
January 2012            DCA Advisory Board Meeting January 2012