DCA projects
For almost 30 years, DCA has implemented a large number of projects to improve livestock health and productivity. Most of these projects offer an integrated package of paravet (refresher) training, establishment and support of veterinary field units, and extension services. Recently, also the development of livestock value chains has become an essential component of the DCA projects.
DCA usually implements some 6 to 8 projects at the same time, which are funded by various international donors.
All these projects should finally result in a sustainable system of animal health care and an improved livelihood of the rural Afghan population. To this end, the projects focus on four main goals:

    • Filling the gaps in the nation-wide VFU network
    • Making the VFUs sustainable (by increasing their income, advocating for official recognition, and access to quality vaccines and medicines)
    • Improving the income of farmers through animal health and production services, and value chain development
    • Achieving a sound public-private cooperation in the livestock sector

Geographic coverage
With its projects, DCA Livestock Programs covers a large part of Afghanistan. Presently, DCA is supporting the livestock owners in 26 out of 34 provinces. Not covered are the southern provinces of Afghanistan, and Nuristan and Konar in the east. In several of these provinces, Madera and Relief International are supporting veterinary services and are coordinating their work with DCA. In the other 26 provinces, DCA is the main organisation working on the development of the livestock sector.