Published 2011

December 2011           Extension GIZ Livestock and Poultry projects
December 2011           Eighteen new paravets graduated in Herat
October 2011              DCA Farmers Field Day in Badakhshan
October 2011              New Project: Farmer Field Training in Badghis
September 2011         Support for DCA-VET approach
September 2011         DCA VET staff on US study tour
September 2011         ASAP Closing conference 13 September 2011
July 2011                    An impetus event: Farmers Field Day at the heart of Bamyan
June 2011                   In the spotlight: Mrs Dil Jan beneficiary of the GIZ poultry project
April 2011                   Afghan students in Holland April 2011
January 2011             VetServ ready for take