The Brooke

The Brooke/DCA partnership

Donor / contractor The Brooke Hospital for Animals
Period April 2016 – March 2017
Area Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif, Nangarhar,  Samangan, and Bamyan provinces

The Brooke Hospital for Animals is a UK registered charitable organisation, which aims to improve the welfare of working equine animals in developing countries. The partnership between Brooke and DCA commenced in April 2008. While Brooke implements the equine focused activities, DCA facilitates the project itself, e.g. by accommodating the Brooke staff and bringing in DCA’s professional expertise. The partnership is very fruitful, as both organisations learn from each other’s best practices. From 2008 onwards, the partnership has been annually renewed.

The situation of working horses and donkeys in Afghanistan is very bad. Working in harsh conditions, they have to carry heavy loads, and most equine owners lack awareness of good animal husbandry practices. Many horses and donkeys therefore are exhausted and suffering from untreated sores, injuries and diseases.

The primary focus of the DCA/Brooke is to change human behaviour to the benefit of working horses and donkeys in Afghanistan.To this end,Brooke DCA/Brooke trains different animal service providers in equine health, welfare and medicine.Training and awareness is provided to paravets, farriers, saddlers, traditional healers, religious leaders, animal lovers, and community activists. The combined efforts of these actors in raising awareness on the needs of equines are very successful. In addition, DCA/Brooke is directly training groups of equine owners in equine husbandry and equine-friendly behaviour.

In 2016/2017 DCA/Brooke will be working with 2,500 males, 2,000 females, and 2,200 children equine owners. By advising them on simple measures like watering, diet, housing, foot care, and reduced workload, DCA/Brooke therefore significantly contributes to the welfare of thousands of equines in Afghanistan.

Update Brooke project, November 2016

  • Six veterinarians of the Brooke / DCA project in Afghanistan went to India for ten days to receive a refresher training in Welfare Assessment.
  • A staff workshop of four days was organised in Nangarhar province
  • Two UK staff of Brooke came to Afghanistan to discuss the status of the Brooke project. They visited the project sites in the four targeted provinces and went back to the United Kingdom with positive impressions.