Regional Agricultural Development Program – South

Contractor Chemonics International Inc.
Period January 2014 – October 6th,   2018
Area Helmand, Kandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan

The RADP-South project is one of the three RADP (Regional Agricultural Development Program) projects that DCA implements. This project is a special one, as it is DCA’s first long term, comprehensive project in the South of Afghanistan. Previous projects in the South were short-term (one-year ASAP extension) or geographically restricted (DCU project in Uruzgan). To have a base in the South of Afghanistan, DCA established a new regional office / training centre in Kandahar, and three provincial offices in Uruzgan, Helmand, and Zabul.

The main objective of the overall RADP programme is to improve the food and economic security of rural Afghans in the designated area. The RADP-S livestock component focuses on livestock health, livestock nutrition, and marketing of livestock and livestock products.

Many of the southern provinces have long been devoid of quality veterinary support. RADP-SThe first aim of this project is to build the capacity of existing VFUs. Technical refresher courses as well as business training and extension training are to be offered to the VFU staff. To fill the gaps in veterinary service provision, DCA will train up to 75 new Paravets. To the selected VFUs, DCA provides training in the operation of a successful business model. This will help the VFU staff to generate additional income, and to work well with the livestock owners in their communities.

Activities also focus on the development of Farmer Extension Groups. Extension groups are organised by VFU staff or by special extension workers. The groups consist of 15 to 20 livestock owners, meeting every month. Their goal is to bring awareness of good animal health practices to the participants. Gender is an important cross-cutting theme in this programme, so in all activities the participation of women is encouraged.