VFU Program

The DCA VFU program is based on three pillars:
• Facilitation of veterinary field units (VFUs)
• Training of paravets (intermediate level veterinary professionals)
• Supply of quality vaccines and medicines

VFU facilitation
To help the farmers in Afghanistan, DCA is creating a sustainable network of privatised Veterinary Field Units (VFUs) in the country which is an ongoing process. The ultimate aim is that all farmers will have access to quality veterinary care. The greater part of this network is established already. Presently we are filling in the gaps where new VFU locations are required, and are providing support to the existing VFUs. Read more on VFUs

The staff of the VFUs are trained in one of DCA’s training centres, located in Charikar, Herat, and Mazar-i-Sharif. After five months of paravet training (theory and practice) the graduate is ready to run his own VFU. Read more on Paravet training

It takes about two years before the paravet can operate without any support. In the meantime, he receives technical support and advice. And he can opt for so-called refresher courses to extend his knowledge and skills. Read more on Training

Vaccines and Medicines
For effective veterinary services high quality vaccines and medicines are of utmost important. In the past, DCA-VET itself distributed quality vaccines and medicines to the VFUs. But since 2011 VFU staff can buy all they need from VetServ, a commercial spin-off company of DCA. Read more