Mission & Vision


B Mission and VisionDCA Livestock Programs recognises that the dependence of the Afghan farmers on livestock offers promising opportunities to lift them from poverty. Therefore, it is our mission:

to reduce poverty and increase food security for the people of Afghanistan by improving the health and production of their livestock.


DCA-VET envisages a future in which:

  • Afghan farmers produce enough livestock products to feed themselves as well as their community and to earn a decent income.
  • Women as well as the poorest Afghans are empowered, being able to make a living in the livestock sector.
  • The Afghan livestock sector can rely on a sound and sustainable veterinary system with specific roles for both private and public sectors all working together in one national system. DCA-VET is not of course able to realise¬†its mission all by itself. To improve animal health and productivity throughout Afghanistan we are working together with fellow livestock NGOs, the Afghan government and various other stakeholders in Afghanistan. We also owe a debt of gratitude to the numerous donors that funded DCA throughout the years. These donors enabled us to commit ourselves to our mission for more than 25 years.