DCA Livestock Programs is a Dutch foundation, developing and implementing veterinary and livestock projects in Afghanistan since 1988. In 1994, the organisation was officially registered as DCA-VET at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Recently, we realised our scope has grown beyond just veterinary projects. That is why since 2017 the organisation is registered as DCA Livestock Programs. In Afghanistan, registration took place in 2005 at the Ministry of Economy, under the name of DCA.
A Board that is based in Holland guides the foundation. Linked to the Board is an Advisory Council that provides the Board with advice and suggestions.

Afghanistan (Ministry of Economy (MoE), NGO Registration number 119 – dated 10 November 2005, and Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), NGO Registration number 390 – dated 16 July 2015)
The Afghan team consists of some 150 staff, mainly Afghan nationals, with only one expat. The national staff represent all different ethnic groups. About 20% of the staff are women. The staff take care of implementation of projects, monitoring and evaluation of projects, financial affairs, administration, HRM, M&E, and facilitation of services.

C OrganisationThe Executive Director, Raymond Briscoe, is in charge of the daily management of the organisation, the acquisition of new projects, and the communication with donors, Afghan government and stakeholders. Deputy and Program Director, Dr Abdul Qader Fakhri, manages the project managers who are responsible for project implementation. A Core Management Team (CMT of six Afghan senior project and department managers) serves as primary planning and decision-making body for the preparation and implementation of DCA projects in Afghanistan.

Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce, number 41246751 – dated 24 June 1994; updated 26 January 2017; RSIN 8033.41.684)
The Executive Director works closely with the Board in Holland through the Secretary General, Ab Emmerzaal. The SC is the linking person between the organisation in Afghanistan and the Board in Holland.
In Holland, the Liaison & Support office takes care of monitoring and supporting of projects and finances, and of facilitation of Finance and Board meetings.

For a schematic outline of the DCA organisation see the Organogram of April 2019.

The head office is situated in Kabul, serving the central and eastern regions. One regional office is located in Herat (western region), and another in Mazar-i-Sharif (northern and north-eastern region). In 17 provinces, smaller field offices are in place. DCA training centres can be found in Charikar (80 km north of Kabul), in Herat, and Mazar-i-Sharif.
The Dutch office is located in Amersfoort.